Her quickness of mind was like a hiss, a dart, a lethal bite. And there was nothing in her appearance that acted as a corrective.

I had the impression that, although I was absorbing much of that sight, many things, too many, were scattering around me without letting me grasp them.

I felt squeezed in that vise along with the mass of everyday things and people, and I had a bad taste in my mouth, a permanent sense of nausea that exhausted me, as if everything, thus compacted, and always tighter, were grinding me up, reducing me to a repulsive cream.

Our world was like that, full of words that killed: croup, tetanus, typhus, gas, war, lathe, rubble, work, bombardment, bomb, tuberculosis, infection. With these words and those years I bring back the many fears that accompanied me all my life.

In my spare time I didn’t go out, I sat and read novels I got from the library: Grazia Deledda, Pirandello, Chekhov, Gogol, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky.

ربما لم أكن في منتهى القبح، فكرت، ربما أنا لا أنظر إلى نفسي جيدًا

That year it seemed to me that I expanded like pizza dough.

I’ll give you treasure chests full of gold pieces, I know the value of spending time with you.” I

We were twelve years old, but we walked along the hot streets of the neighborhood, amid the dust and flies that the occasional old trucks stirred up as they passed, like two old ladies taking the measure of lives of disappointment, clinging tightly to each other. No one understood us, only we two—I thought—understood one another.

Mia madre vedeva sempre il male dove con mio grande fastidio si scopriva presto o tardi che il male c'era davvero, e il suo occhio strabico pareva fatto apposta per individuare i movimenti segreti del rione.

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